ISEAL Community Webinar: Mainstreaming climate smart agriculture in cocoa value chains

How to address climate change and integrate climate action as part of a standards systems’ work is an increasingly important area of experimentation and practice. In this webinar, experts from the Rainforest Alliance and CIAT will discuss the achievements and challenges around scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA).
There are many pilots of CSA practices that are effective locally but none that are scalable to reach the millions of smallholder that need to adapt and adopt practices in the face of a changing climate. To confront this challenge, RA and its partners CIAT, IITA, SFL and Root Capital developed a project to marry existing value chain interventions focused on changing farmer practice and the provision of innovative financial vehicles with climate science. This novel combination adds value to existing work with the goal of achieving adoption at scale for locally relevant CSA practices. 
In this webinar RA and CIAT will present the first results of this CCAFS funded project for Ghana and focus on: 
Development of climate change exposure maps of cocoa systems at a sub-national scale
Identification of appropriate CSA practices with farmers
Integration of recommendation into existing certification training curricula 
Development of innovative impact investment products based on preliminary results of the cost-benefit analysis, types of CSA investments identified and considerations for CSA loan design
The slides of the webinar are available for download in PDF form below on this page. 

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