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Photo from Rio+20 conference
Photo from Rio+20 conference
"The process of complying with ISEAL Codes helped us to set up a structural, systematic, transparent and credible standard-setting procedure." - 4C Association
ISEAL offers a range of services to support sustainability standards and certification initiatives to develop credible and effective systems.

Our training and support services were developed to help standards organisations improve the effectiveness of their systems and deliver greater impacts. We also support businesses who use standards, or are thinking about using standards, to achieve company sustainability objectives to understand what credible practice looks like for standards systems.

As the global organisation working to define and promote credibility in sustainability standards, we want to ensure that new and emerging initiatives are following good practices and putting in place strong foundations so that they can contribute to positive change in their sector. 

Training workshops and resources

We develop guidance materials that outline widely accepted good practices on the core areas of standards systems and host regular webinars to highlight innovations and examples from the standards movement. These resources are available in the ISEAL Community.

Our in-person workshops, which take place a few times per year around the world, are full-day sessions led by ISEAL staff on the pillars of credible standards systems. These are open to anyone, but those in the ISEAL Community receive a discount. 

ISEAL's training workshops and resources are a useful way for organisations to learn about how ISEAL's Codes of Good Practice and Credibility Principles can be applied to their initiative. While they are designed especially for new or emerging initiatives, they can also be practical for individual staff at established standards organisations who want to learn the essentials. Our training can help improve the knowledge of businesses, government officials and other users of standards so they can make more informed decisions.

Log-in to the ISEAL Community to browse through our training resources or view our upcoming training workshops.

Tailored support

If your organisation or initiative requires a deeper level of support, ISEAL also offers tailored, one-on-one support to suit your needs and target specific areas of your standards system that you would like to strengthen. This could include areas such as assurance models and auditor competence, fundraising for sustainability standards, developing a theory of change, and many more topics in which ISEAL has expertise.

Our tailored support services can take the shape of specially designed workshops and webinars, as well as document reviews and discussions with ISEAL staff on the implementation of your standards system. ISEAL follows a conflict of interest policy to ensure that advice given does not conflict with our role as the ISEAL Alliance Secretariat.

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