Assurance Code Interpretations

This page provides information about official draft and final Interpretations developed to improve understanding and application of the ISEAL Assurance Code and its requirements.

Here you can find information on any past, current or upcoming Interpretations against the ISEAL Assurance Code.

Interpretation - Definitions 

ISEAL defines an 'interpretation' as a normative explanation of the intent or application of a requirement based on stakeholder consultation, where the interpretation has implications for how compliance is assessed and where existing requirements and guidance are ambiguous or lacking. 

Interpretations are incorporated into the next revision of the given ISEAL Code of Good Practice.

This is different to a 'clarification', which ISEAL defines as an explanation of the intent of a requirement based on existing ISEAL Codes of Good Practice, other guidance or documentation or referring to examples of good practice.

For more information, please consult ISEAL's Code Development Procedure.

Interpretations in use

The following Interpretations apply to Assurance Code v1.0:

If you have any questions about these Interpretations, please email