Driving innovation

© Joe Woodruff for Bonsucro
© Joe Woodruff for Bonsucro
"ISEAL members are looking for new ways to deliver greater value to users." Karin Kreider, ISEAL Executive Director
ISEAL's new focus on innovation will create the enabling conditions for the world’s credible standards to play a leadership role in bringing about more sustainable production.

Sustainability has moved squarely into the mainstream and is now considered a license to operate. Standards leaders recognise that we have made significant progress in shifting the top 20% of the market, but that we have a limited time to address the remaining challenges.

This ambitious programme at ISEAL brings together the collective efforts of the sustainability standards movement.  ISEAL is a platform for innovation, facilitating dialogue and exchange between standards systems and bringing in experts from other sectors to feed the discussions.  Innovative solutions are emerging and being tested by members through pilots, with the lessons learned being brought back to our broader membership.  Further learning and exchange is being catalysed through innovation-focused events.

The long-term goal of this work is that the positive impacts of standards systems are scaled up. Specifically we are working to ensure that credible sustainability standards become more efficient, inclusive, collaborative and effective.

The ISEAL Innovations Fund lies at the heart of the innovations programme and is the primary vehicle through which standards systems are testing their innovations and improving the effectiveness and accessibility of their systems. The fund is open to projects led by ISEAL members and focused on any topic that improves the effectiveness, efficiency and value of standards systems.

If you are an ISEAL member, you can learn more about applying for the Innovations Fund here

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