Improving effectiveness

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“ISEAL’s ability to convene organisations involved in standard-setting and implementation creates a climate of collaboration that Mars is not able to accomplish. ISEAL maintains a unique position of expertise and credibility that is of great value in a diverse and often competitive field.” Jeff Morgan, Director of Global Programs, Mars
Shared learning is a major part of ISEAL’s approach to increase the impacts and credibility of sustainability standards.

By learning from each other and learning together about stakeholder needs, our members identify strategies for improving their practices. This interaction spurs collaboration between standards systems and leads to innovative solutions to a variety of challenges the standards movement is facing.

ISEAL acts as a catalyst for driving innovation and uses its strong convening power to bring standards systems together with emerging initiatives and users of standards, through conferences, consultation processes, publications and collaborative projects. Collaborative and coordinated efforts can serve many purposes: to improve efficiencies, to share expertise, to expand the value and accessibility of certification and to achieve mutual goals. ISEAL's new innovations workstream aims to ensure that credible standards are becoming more efficient, collaborative and inclusive.

Coordination on the rise

ISEAL and our members are working on impacts-focused project to understand the contribution that certification has made towards poverty alleviation. ISEAL members are also working in small groups on ways to increase access to certification for small producers. Standards managers have come together to work on harmonisation or interpretation projects focused on specific challenges, such as pesticides. Specialised groups are also exploring the feasibility of joint audits and a common approach to living wage. Future working groups will focus on topics such as living wage, gender, labour and high conservation values.

In addition to ISEAL-led working groups, ISEAL members and subscribers are also organising in their own groups on different initiatives and we commend these independent achievements in collaboration, coordination and recognition:

ISEAL and our members share a desire to expand the benefits of sustainable practices to more small producers.
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The Global Living Wage Coalition brings together six of the world's most influential sustainability standards to improve wage levels in certified supply chains.
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An overview of the different working groups led by the ISEAL Secretariat, including status and contact details.