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If you are a researcher working in the field of sustainability standards, you can get involved in our work in a number of ways:

ISEAL Research Discussion List

Research Webinar Series

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Explore research on standards' impacts

Collaborative Research Agenda

Become an ISEAL Subscriber provides evidence and information on the impact and business case of sustainability standards. There are reports, case studies, infographics and more to support business needs.

Guide to researching standards

A guidance note for those doing research on sustainability standards.

Sustainability Impacts Learning Platform

 Access the online, public database of studies on sustainable global supply chains created by ISEAL, WWF and the Sustainable Food Lab. Register to share your own planned, ongoing or completed research. We currently have 86 studies shared on this platform.


To find out more about the history, goals and functionality of SILP, please watch this video

Welcome! This is where you will find up to date information on all of ISEAL's research activities and on opportunities to engage with this work. The ISEAL Research programme seeks to:

  • Understand the landscape of research on the outcome and impacts of sustainability standards
  • Promote and focus high quality research to areas where more research is necessary
  • Conduct research on issues where we see a particular need for evidence
  • Actively engage with the research community to foster dialogue and collaboration
  • Communicate about existing evidence on the outcome and impacts of sustainability standards

For an overview, please download our 'Engaging with Researchers Factsheet' - which details the various ways ISEAL is working with researchers, how you can get involved, and the variety of tools and resources available for researchers in the field of sustainability standards.

Research by ISEAL

ISEAL’s own research focuses on key cross-cutting sustainability themes where we see a particular need for evidence on the impact or role of sustainability standards. These include: 

Key questions on standards impacts?

We are developing a Collaborative Research Agenda to focus research efforts on clearly stated priority questions. Write to Vidya ( to help us refine it.

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