The ISEAL Complaints Procedure outlines how stakeholders can report concerns about members’ adherence to ISEAL Community Member Requirements, ISEAL Code Compliant Requirements, and ISEAL Accreditation Member Requirements, and how ISEAL will work with stakeholders and members to resolve complaints.
This is the latest version (version 4, December 2015) of the procedure describing the development and revision process for ISEAL's Codes of Good Practice.
An introduction to ISEAL’s Finance Committee, which was established in 2006 to oversee all issues related to the financial management of ISEAL. The Committee reviews for example ISEAL’s quarterly accounts, annual budgets and other issues related to ISEAL’s financial reporting and performance.
ISEAL Board and Committee members and ISEAL staff should conduct themselves at all times in accordance with good professional judgement for the benefit of ISEAL and in such manner as to not create a conflict of interest or appearance of such conflict.