Improving the flow of sustainability information through a new standardised metadata set
The last two decades have seen big changes. But what further changes do we need to see for sustainability systems to have an even greater impact in the years ahead?
ISEAL is convening a working group of landscape and jurisdictional practitioners who are acting to improve landscape performance measurement. 
Designing or revising a sustainability system starts with consulting the people who it affects.
How to become an ISEAL member - the pathway in practice
Supporting the best innovations helping sustainability standards be more effective and deliver value
ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice provide a globally recognised framework, defining practices for effective and credible sustainability systems.
ISEAL has been actively supporting policymakers and businesses in understanding how credible sustainability systems can help tackle deforestation. In this statement, ISEAL focuses on the role of certification schemes within the EU Proposal for a Regulation on Deforestation-free Products, and presents its position in three key points: 1. Certification systems cannot and should not replace due diligence responsibilities placed on companies 2. Credible certification systems can provide highly relevant and verified information for companies to conduct due diligence under the regulation 3. The European Commission should set strict credibility criteria for certification based on existing global definitions of good practice.