The latest version (version 6, revised in December 2014) of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards.
Webinar on how to establish strong credible standards in Spanish.
Interpretation of the clause 6.4.3 on recognition of existing standards.
In 2019, ISEAL launched a review of both the Impacts Code and Standard-Setting Code. The results of the review will inform the revision of the codes in 2020. This document contains information about the review objectives, process and opportunities for involvement.
In 2019, ISEAL carried out a review of the Standard-Setting and Impacts Codes. Through the review, ISEAL gathered information regarding the usability of the Codes, their effectiveness in delivering against their objectives, as well as their scope and objectives. This document details the activities carried out as part of the review and the findings.
Credible sustainability standards have created tried and tested structures for operationalising sustainability across various regions, sectors and supply chains. How can governments and businesses capitalise on their success to proactively drive sustainability? Join ISEAL, ISEAL members, and other benchmarking experts as we discuss how rigorous, transparent and consistent benchmarking can help to operationalise due diligence requirements and make sustainability tools more accessible. Our experienced panellists discussed the aims behind the development of these benchmarking frameworks, how to ensure they encourage adoption of credible standards among governments and businesses, and possible paths forward – as well as referencing available tools and guidance.
This document outlines the requirements ISEAL standard-setting community members need to fulfil to reach Code Compliant status. 
Use this template to complete your Compliance Checklist for the Standard-Setting Code.
The Chinese verison of the ISEAL Standards Setting Code.