ISEAL, WWF and Rainforest Alliance launching Evidensia: an evidence website informing action for a sustainable future

ISEAL, WWF and Rainforest Alliance will launch a new website called Evidensia on 18 June 2019. The site aims to be a robust repository of evidence on the impacts and effectiveness of leading supply chain tools addressing key sustainability issues.

Evidensia is designed to meet the needs of business leaders, policy makers and researchers. It brings together credible research into the effects and impact of sustainability initiatives to enable more informed decisions.

ISEAL will launch Evidensia at the Global Sustainability Standards Symposium in June, when Dr. Gillian Petrokofsky from Oxford University and Laura Jungmann from Albert Heijn will present some of the evidence and information hosted on the website, and explain its benefits.

Credible evidence should be at the heart of sustainability actions and decisions. Currently, much of the available information is not presented in an easy to understand format that is useful for decision-oriented analysis. This makes it difficult for decision-makers to easily identify and understand what information already exists about the impacts, effectiveness and business value of sustainability initiatives.

Evidensia will host evidence and information on a range of sustainability supply chain tools and approaches, including standards, company sourcing codes and jurisdictional approaches.

The content will cover a whole range of sustainability issues from climate change and deforestation to biodiversity and water conservation. It will be represented in a variety of formats including independent scientific studies, evaluation reports and case studies. It will be easily accessible and usable through a range of searching, filtering and mapping tools.

Evidensia will support credible synthesis and communication of the evidence base and will actively disseminate findings to ensure a broad understanding of the effectiveness of different approaches to supporting sustainable supply chains.

The site will also make it possible to clearly identify research gaps and priorities for researchers and funders, minimising the duplication or misalignment of research efforts.

Through these efforts Evidensia will help companies and others identify and implement effective mechanisms for sustainable production and sourcing, and will help improve the effectiveness of sustainability tools and approaches.

If you’d like to attend the launch please contact Eleanor Radford at