Re-imagining the future of trust

Trust is a defining hallmark of sustainability standards. In this blog, Patrick Mallet, Innovations Director at ISEAL, considers how new data tools and approaches are changing our expectations of trust.

New report: ISEAL members more transparent and supportive to small producers than other sustainability standards

A new policy report finds a positive relationship between ISEAL membership and “producer-friendly” sustainability standards systems.

Defining the Scope of an Assurance Code - discussion paper Feb 2011

This paper outlines the current emphasis of assurance on impartiality and replicability and argues that a broader focus on accessibility and scalability are equally important.

ISEAL Briefing Note: Interactions between standards systems and landscape and jurisdictional approaches

Landscape, jurisdictional and other regional approaches are gaining momentum as potential tools for scaling-up the sustainable sourcing of commodities. This briefing aims to assist sustainability standards in assessing these new approaches by providing background information and five ‘entry points’ for exploring potential engagement.

Revisión del Código de Aseguramiento de ISEAL

Nos complace abrir la primera ronda de consultas públicas para la revisión del Código de Aseguramiento de ISEAL y lo invitamos a participar en esta discusión hasta el día 5 de junio de 2017.

Responsible Jewellery Council and Alliance for Responsible Mining working together to reduce the burden of audits

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) will harmonise their assurance systems where possible and pilot combined Fairmined and chain of custody audits to reduce audit burden.

Sustainability standards as data managers

In this blog, ISEAL's Innovations Director Patrick Mallet considers the role sustainability standards can play in the data revolution.

ISEAL Guidance: Chain of custody models and definitions

This guidance developed by ISEAL on Chain of Custody (CoC) System is a reference document for sustainability standards systems that complements ISEAL’s Sustainability Claims Good Practice Guide.

ISEAL Webinar: Inside an Audit: How to make assurance in supply chains credible?

In this ISEAL public webinar we address the increasing challenge of credibility in audits.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Assurance Code, Public Systems Report

This page contains the Aquaculture Stewardship Council's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code. Stakeholders can access the PSR at the bottom of this page.
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