Re-imagining the future of trust

Trust is a defining hallmark of sustainability standards. In this blog, Patrick Mallet, Innovations Director at ISEAL, considers how new data tools and approaches are changing our expectations of trust.

Driving business growth and productivity through the SDGs

Lara Koritzke, Director of Development and Communications at ISEAL, reflects on the Sustainable Development Goals and how sustainable business can contribute to growth.

ISEAL Impacts Code of Good Practice

On this page you can download the latest version (version 2, approved in December 2014) of the Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards Systems (ISEAL Impacts Code).

ISEAL membership linked to improved transparency, accessibility and rigour of a standards systems

A new infographic illustrates the positive effect of full ISEAL membership on transparency, accessibility and rigour of a standards system.

Consultancy opportunity: Effectiveness of sustainability standards in driving practice adoption

ISEAL is looking to commission a reputed and competent research team to undertake this research on the effectiveness of sustainability standards in driving practice adoption.
Application deadline: 28 Jul 2017

ISEAL’s thoughts on SOAS systematic review of agricultural certification schemes

SOAS recently published a systematic review of the impacts of certification on farmer and worker well-being in agricultural production.

What’s your data strategy?

Don’t have one yet? You are not alone. On average, less than half of a companies’ structured data is actively used in making decisions – and almost no unstructured data is analysed or used at all. To make matters worse, 80 per cent of data analysts’ time is spent finding and preparing data, according to cross-industry studies cited in a recent Harvard Business Review article.*

ISEAL launches new GIZ funded innovations project to increase members’ spatial data capacity

ISEAL members are committed to delivering data driven, results-focused, real-time information that creates value for producers and users of standard systems. We are pleased to announce a new GIZ funded project that will increase members’ capacity in collecting and analysing geo-enabled data.

California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance launches tools for sustainable winegrowing

The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) has created interactive tools to evaluate the costs and benefits of adopting specific practices for sustainable winegrowing.

Anker methodology for estimating living wages published

Richard and Martha Anker recently published ‘Living Wages Around the World: Manual for Measurement’, which describes a new methodology to measure a decent but basic standard of living in different countries.
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