Re-imagining the future of trust

Trust is a defining hallmark of sustainability standards. In this blog, Patrick Mallet, Innovations Director at ISEAL, considers how new data tools and approaches are changing our expectations of trust.

Driving business growth and productivity through the SDGs

Lara Koritzke, Director of Development and Communications at ISEAL, reflects on the Sustainable Development Goals and how sustainable business can contribute to growth.

ISEAL Impacts Code of Good Practice

On this page you can download the latest version (version 2, approved in December 2014) of the Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards Systems (ISEAL Impacts Code).

Research Webinar 22: Impacts of certification in cotton in India and Pakistan

Research webinar with Peter Lund-Thomsen from Copenhagen Business School on the effects of certification on farmers’ incomes, workers’ conditions and environmental pollution on cotton farms in India and Pakistan.

Research Webinar 23: Environmental-economic benefits and trade-offs on certified coffee farms

29 Nov 2017
Research webinar with Jeremy Haggar (Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich) and Gabriela Soto (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) on the environmental and economic benefits and trade-offs on certified coffee farms.

Research Webinar 21: Effects of sustainability standards along the supply chain

Research webinar with Jan Willem Molenaar from Aidenvironment on the impact of sustainability standards on trading relationships throughout the supply chain.

Research Webinar 20: Added value of certification for farmers in delivering more sustainable farming

Research webinar with Matt Reed from the Countryside and Community Research Institute on the added value of certification for farmers in delivering more sustainable farming.

Research webinar 19: Lessons learned from socio-environmental certification for agriculture in Brazil

Research webinar with Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto from Imaflora on lessons learned from socio-environmental certification for agriculture in Brazil.

Research Webinar 18: Assessing the Landscape of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

Research webinar with Ben Collins and Madeline Hung from MSI Integrity on standard-setting multi-stakeholder initiatives and their scope, governance, and operations.

Research webinars on standards' impacts- Autumn/Winter 2017 programme

This webinar series is dedicated to sharing emerging research findings in the field of sustainability standards’ impacts. We hear from researchers on what difference they think sustainability standards are making and how they can improve their impact and from practitioners on the key takeaways for standards systems. If you are interested in sharing your own research through an ISEAL research webinar, please contact ISEAL’s Impacts Coordinator Sophie Mendes (
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