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Photo from 2014 Global Sustainability Standards Conference
Photo from 2014 Global Sustainability Standards Conference
Whether you are a newer standards initiative, or someone who engages with standards and ecolabels through sourcing, advocacy, consulting, research or governance, becoming an ISEAL subscriber can be of great value to you.

The ISEAL Community is where the sustainability standards movement comes together for innovation and collaboration, and ISEAL subscribers are an important part of this, both as potential future members and supporters of the standards movement. If you are aligned with ISEAL's mission and committed to seeing standards scale up their impact, then we invite you to apply to become a subscriber. 

ISEAL currently has more than a hundred subscribers, including government agencies, NGOs, certification programmes, and sustainability initiatives. Being a subscriber brings these organisations closer to the issues through ISEAL’s technical resources and analysis, and provides unique opportunities for relationship-building, punctuated by the invitation-only ISEAL Community Day, which follows the Global Sustainability Standards Conference.

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It's important to keep in mind that being an ISEAL subscriber is not the same as being an ISEAL member. ISEAL membership, open to standard-setting organisations and accreditation bodies, involves compliance with our Codes of Good Practice and offers deeper opportunities for collaboration and shared learning.

For standards and certification initiatives that are still in the early stages and want to ensure that they are developing credible systems, joining as an ISEAL subscriber is a good way to put the foundation in place for future membership.

If you are a researcher, or other interested party and would like an overview of ISEAL's research tools, resources, collaborations and engagements, please visit our research hub.

For more information about becoming an ISEAL member, click here.

Subscriber benefits include:

How to apply

If you or your organisation is interested in applying to become an subscriber, please complete an online application form

Annual Subscriber Fees



Large business (annual income over 10 million EUR) 1145 EUR*


495 EUR*


195 EUR*

*An additional one-time application fee of 100 EUR is charged for processing new subscriber applications.

We also offer training packages and other support to newer standard-setting initiatives and related professionals. To learn more about technical support and training from ISEAL experts, click here.  

If you have any questions about becoming an ISEAL subscriber, please email