Wage measurement and auditing

Many sustainability systems are seeking ways to accurately and reliably measure wages, and understand living wage gaps, so they can support companies to improve wages in their supply chains.

ISEAL’s project on Supporting Effective Measurement, Verification and Improvement of Living Wage Gaps, in partnership with IDH, supports peer learning around the effective verification of current wages and the calculation of living wage gaps, and to explore common challenges in the auditing and verification of wages.

The Wage Measurement and Auditing Working Group provides a peer learning space for a broad range of sustainability systems to discuss the topic of wage verification in support of current efforts to measure and bridge living wage gaps in key sectors.

This project also created opportunities to pilot test one tool for wage calculation and verification – IDH's Salary Matrix and accompanying auditor guidance.

For more information about our work on wage auditing, or to express interest in taking part in the working group, contact: eleanor@isealalliance.org