ISEAL Code of Good Practice: revision and integration

Following the launch of the ISEAL Credibility Principles version 2, we are pleased to announce that we are preparing for the revision and integration of the ISEAL Impacts, Standard-Setting and Assurance Codes of Good Practice.

In 2020, the ISEAL Board approved the integration of the three Codes into a single ISEAL Code of Good Practice. This decision was based on a recommendation from the ISEAL Technical Committee and supported by findings from the 2019 review of the Standard-Setting and Impacts Codes as well as further analysis conducted by ISEAL.

Throughout the revision of the ISEAL Credibility Principles, one of our aims has been to strengthen the relationship between the principles and the Codes, where the principles now clearly represent intended outcomes for the Codes and other guidance materials. We are excited to begin this project with the revised principles to guide us.

We also believe that, now more than ever, we must look at system credibility holistically. By better addressing cross-cutting areas of practice such as claims management or data governance, the integration of requirements into a single Code will improve value for those who are responsible for the technical implementation of Code requirements. And by looking at how the system is performing as a whole, an integrated Code will also make the strategic value of Code compliance more evident to users of sustainability standards and similar systems.

The revision and integration process aims to:

  • update Code content to reflect changes in the sustainability landscape
  • address findings from the reviews of the Standard-Setting and Impacts Codes
  • strengthen the connection between the Credibility Principles and the Codes 
  • expand the scope of an integrated Code to include essential good practices in claims management 
  • address key aspects of governance, retaining the good practices that are currently included in the Codes and integrating the good practices that are requirements for ISEAL Community Members
  • more effectively support adoption and implementation of the Codes
  • rationalise Code requirements by reducing redundancy, better calibrating the expected performance levels, and creating clearer and stronger linkages in interconnected areas of performance
  • support improvements to ISEAL’s Code compliance programme, where the burden of compliance is reduced while maintaining rigour

The revision and integration process will be overseen by a Steering Group, made up of a diverse group of stakeholders, who will provide guidance and support to this significant change process. Find the full revision and integration plan here

We are opening consultation on a first draft of the revised and integrated Code in September 2022. If you have any feedback or questions in the meantime, please contact Caitlin Peeling, Senior Manager for Membership and Services.