ISEAL Code of Good Practice revision and integration

The consultation on the second draft of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. If you missed the deadline and would still like to share your views, please contact us at

About the Code

The ISEAL Code of Good Practice revises and integrates the ISEAL Impacts, Standard-Setting, and Assurance Codes of Good Practice, and also incorporates essential practices from the ISEAL Sustainability Claims Good Practice Guide.

A briefing note on the second draft of the Code is available in the following formats:

You may also wish to review the second draft of the Code:

Additional supporting documents:

Revision and integration process

The revision and integration process is being overseen by a Steering Group, made up of a diverse group of stakeholders, who are providing guidance and support to this significant change process.

The first round of consultation ran from September to December 2022. All comments received in the consultation are publicly available in the comment log and a synopsis of feedback is also available.

The second draft of the Code incorporated feedback received in the first consultation. We supplemented this with further activities to understand stakeholder perspectives, including commissioning a review of NGO recommendations and critiques of sustainability systems, and conducting interviews with representatives of sustainability systems with innovative models.

The second round of consultation ran from 31 May to 30 July, with feedback accepted until 4 August. Final amendments and approvals will happen later in the year or early 2024.

For more information, read the revision and integration plan, and the approach to compliance and transition period for the revised Code.

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