The ISEAL Core Metadata Set

The ISEAL Core Metadata Set

The ISEAL Core Metadata Set is the beginning of a global language for sustainability information. By providing a common code for search and discovery, while supporting better data management and privacy, it enables the sharing of data while safeguarding the credibility and trust in verification and associated sustainability claims

Standardised data points are an integral part of how we navigate, search for, and select information. We don’t even notice it anymore. But this isn’t yet the case for information on sustainability, even when we live in an age where sustainability is front and centre

The ISEAL Core Metadata Set seeks to give sustainability information the same level of interoperability and reusability as other standardised data points. It will help sustainability systems to align in the way they communicate and demonstrate their performance in the sustainability landscape—maximizing ISEAL Members’ ability to generate insights and leverage synergies in partnership with corporates, researchers and other stakeholders looking for sustainability information

The ISEAL Core Metadata Set is publicly available on GitHub at:

This brief video introduces the ISEAL Core Metadata Set as a tool to improve governance, discovery, and use of the data and information that sustainability systems collect, manage, and communicate.  As sustainability systems increase the amount of data they store, it becomes important to apply standardized metadata as a way of querying these assets using common terms and concepts.  Doing so helps to maintain the data and provide end users with flexible search tools.  The ISEAL Core Metadata Set is a tool to ensure your digital content can be easily discovered from other sites and applications, increasing web presence and driving traffic to these valuable assets.