Making credible living wage claims: A framework to guide practice

ISEAL's guiding framework to support companies and sustainability systems to make credible living wage claims.

Since January 2021, ISEAL has been working with sustainability standards and schemes to strengthen their systems and processes to support credible supply chain action on living wages. As part of this work, ISEAL has developed a guiding framework for credible living wage claims, which was open for public consultation in Aug-Sept 2023. It was developed following interviews and input from a range of standard setting organisations, companies and trade union representatives working on this topic. It is focused on claims about living wages, but the framework could be adapted for other types of issue-based claims.

The guiding framework aims to advance the understanding of good practice for sustainability standards and companies working in this space, leading to improvements in sustainability system robustness to meet living wage goals and directly support business needs in their supply chains. The document is available in both English and Spanish.


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