Research and evidence

ISEAL’s main aim is to achieve positive impacts for people and the environment. Credible standards are a proven tool for making production and trade more sustainable, but it’s an ongoing process that requires constant attention.

We’re committed to understanding more about the long-term outcomes of certification, improving standards in areas where they could perform better, and demonstrating their impact to partners and stakeholders across all sectors.

To contribute to this aim, our members commit to implementing the ISEAL Impacts Code. This offers a results-oriented monitoring and evaluation framework to systematically track progress and drive improvement, and commits members to publicly report the results of their findings.


Supporting robust studies

It’s in the interests of every stakeholder - standard setters, companies, researchers, governments - to support robust studies on the strengths and weaknesses of sustainability standards.

ISEAL leads this conversation, and we’ve produced or helped to facilitate a range of ground-breaking reports in the last few years.

As the evidence base grows, more information and data becomes publicly available. It shows that certification delivers real economic, social and environmental benefits – and the lessons we’re learning can be applied to current challenges and future initiatives.