ISEAL Innovations Fund

The Innovations Fund is at the heart of the ISEAL Innovations Programme, enabling standards systems to practically test projects that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

The Fund supports innovations that help sustainability standards deliver more value to their stakeholders and effectively drive improvement over time, and at scale. We do this because the sustainability landscape is changing, and it will be through innovation that standards systems can continue to play a leadership role in transforming whole sectors toward sustainability.

Over the course of the four years of the Fund, we have supported a cohesive range of projects that address the key challenges to the ongoing effectiveness of sustainability systems. Projects themes have included: data capture and management, risk-based approaches to assurance, outcome-based standards and M&E, traceability models, and scalable solutions like stepwise models, learning platforms and landscape approaches.

Who can apply?

Our Innovations Fund is open to all ISEAL members as well as prospective members that are making progress along a clearly defined roadmap to membership. Grants can be made to individual standards systems or to collaborations that include both standards systems and other organisations. In all cases, an ISEAL member needs to be the project lead and grant recipient responsible for the project results. Non-ISEAL member organisations may approach the ISEAL Secretariat directly with a concept, and will be directed to an ISEAL member with aligned interests with whom they might collaborate.


Current funding rounds: Landscape Grants

We're pleased to announce a new round of funding that will challenge ISEAL members to establish working models for the uptake of more sustainable practices at a jurisdictional, regional or landscape scale.

  • Grant amount: Up to CHF 250,000 per grant
  • Number of available grants: 4
  • Application window: 2 December 2019 - 2 April 2020
  • For more information on this funding round's application process, please review the Applicants Guide and supporting documents, available for download on the right side of the page.
  • For more information on sustainability standards and landscape approaches, click the link 'About Landscape Approaches', available on the right side of the page.