ISEAL members

ISEAL members are sustainability standards and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and the planet.

Our members are committed to our Credibility Principles and follow our Codes of Good Practice in setting standards, assuring compliance and monitoring impacts. 

Organisations start ISEAL membership as associate members by undergoing an evaluation against the baseline criteria of the Codes of Good Practice. After one year of being an associate member and demonstrating full compliance with the ISEAL Standard-setting Code, organisations become ISEAL full members. This includes a commitment to demonstrate full compliance with the ISEAL Assurance Code within two years, and full compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code within three years.

ISEAL Members produce and annually update a public report on their standard-setting, assurance, and monitoring and evaluation systems.

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ISEAL full members are sustainability standards who have demonstrated or are in the process of coming into full compliance with ISEAL's Codes of Good Practice.

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ISEAL associate members are sustainability standards with robust and operational systems that have demonstrated compliance with the baseline criteria in ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice and have committed to becoming fully compliant within a set timeframe.