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Tea cupping in Malawi © UTZ Certified
Tea cupping in Malawi © UTZ Certified
ISEAL is committed to a credible and independent process for assessing our members’ compliance with our Codes of Good Practice through an Independent Evaluation Mechanism (IEM).

There is a robust system in place made up of peer review, independent evaluation and ISEAL board oversight to ensure that membership in ISEAL is both credible and meaningful, and to promote learning and innovation as organisations progress. 

An independent evaluation of compliance with each of the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice is required within three years of becoming an associate member. Each assessment of Code compliance is undertaken by an independent evaluator, who reviews the member’s documentation and makes a recommendation on Code compliance, based on the number and severity of non-compliances s/he identifies. The ISEAL Membership Committee then reviews the recommendation and makes a final decision on overall Code compliance.

With this independent and formal evaluation process, standards systems can credibly claim to comply with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

Who are the ISEAL Independent Evaluators?

Evaluators are selected on the basis of their expertise in the field of sustainability standards and experience with standards systems themselves and auditing techniques. The current roster of independent evaluators underwent a rigorous selection process and training by ISEAL, both on the independent evaluation process and on the Code they are assessing against.

To learn more about each of ISEAL’s independent evaluators, please click on their profiles below.

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ISEAL Independent Evaluators