Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code.
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This webinar shows how a focus on data and information management in assurance can improve both the effectiveness of the assurance process and the value of that process for certifying enterprise, supply chain actors and the scheme owners themselves.
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Fair Trade USA's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code.
IFFO RS' latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code.
Union for Ethical Bio Trade's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Impacts Code.
Aluminium Stewardship Initiative's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code.
This report explores the relevance of current trends in technology to sustainability standards – from mobile data collection and the internet of things, to open data and blockchains – and proposes a roadmap for development. 
A Report produced for the ISEAL Alliance Innovations Fund project “Integrating new data to improve risk assessments and detection of forced labour vulnerability in agricultural supply chains”.
In this webinar, Equitable Origin shares the insights gained and outputs generated from a ten month project funded by the ISEAL Innovations Fund to explore how FPIC processes could be better monitored and verified. The right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is a key principle of international human rights law.
A report of a series of field tests conducted by ASI regarding the usage of GIS during audits in Germany, Russia and Malaysia. Result of the report is a self-starter kit, exploring and explaining different tools aiming to help auditors integrate GIS into their audit routine.
Juan Isaza, Program Manager, explains what the IPM Coalition is and how this initiative will accelerate the elimination of highly hazardous pesticide usage throughout the world.
This report documents ideas for how certifiers can leverage blockchain technology to reduce audit inefficiency, create a single source of truth for chain of custody (CoC) tracking and support sustainability data reporting. 
Best known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is set to revolutionise many areas of life and work over the coming years.
This is a conceptual framework which outlines the justification and process for the development of the ISEAL Common Core Indicators. This work began as part of ISEAL's Developing and Improving Poverty Impacts project (DIPI).
This briefing note captures broader insights from a project ISEAL implemented with support from the German International Development Agency GIZ in 2018-2019, in which we explored the implications and linkages between corporate due diligence processes and voluntary sustainability standards.
Forest Stewardship Council's latest Public System Report (PSR) for ISEAL's Assurance Code.