This brochure presents a list of critical elements to ensure that comparisons and benchmarking between standards systems are credible
This webinar explores opportunities for increasing interoperability of sustainability standards based on research on standards in the metals, minerals and mining sector. 
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An introduction to comparing and benchmarking sustainability standards systems
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This ISEAL webinar discussed the challenges and lessons learnt from our consultation on sustainability benchmarking good practices
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Benchmarking guide for analysing or evaluating sustainability initiatives or performance.
Description of ISEALs benchmarking consultation in Spanish.
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This checklist distils key steps in the guidance for setting up and implementing a sustainability benchmarking exercise or programme.
Credible sustainability standards have created tried and tested structures for operationalising sustainability across various regions, sectors and supply chains. How can governments and businesses capitalise on their success to proactively drive sustainability? Join ISEAL, ISEAL members, and other benchmarking experts as we discuss how rigorous, transparent and consistent benchmarking can help to operationalise due diligence requirements and make sustainability tools more accessible. Our experienced panellists discussed the aims behind the development of these benchmarking frameworks, how to ensure they encourage adoption of credible standards among governments and businesses, and possible paths forward – as well as referencing available tools and guidance.
This webinar discusses the report from WWF and ISEAL 'SDGs mean business: How credible standards can help deliver the 2030 Agenda'.
The Living Income Community of Practice held a virtual workshop to discuss and debate what needs to be done to ensure a decent standard of living for all. Run over three days, the workshop consisted of various segments held in multiple languages.