Meet the team

Rachel Barlow
I joined ISEAL's Finance team in 2016. I work part-time Monday - Thursday.

Contact me for anything related to sales ledger processes, Member and Services income and donor income requests.
Senior Coordinator, Finance
Julia Birchall
I joined ISEAL’s Finance Team in 2014.

Contact me about donor reporting and auditing, ISEAL management accounting and purchase ledger invoices.
Manager, Finance
Isobel Case-Punter
I’ve been at ISEAL since 2016, having previously been a project manager at an educational charity. I’m responsible for ISEAL’s Operations, consisting of office management, IT tools and systems and HR.

Contact me about systems, HR and anything that needs to be fixed to keep the wheels turning smoothly!
Manager, Operations
Suzanne Clift
I’ve worked in communication for non-profit and public sector organisations for almost 20 years, including leading the communication team for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and as corporate brand manager for the Marine Stewardship Council, before joining ISEAL in 2016.

Contact me to discuss anything related to ISEAL communication.
Senior Manager, Communications
Martyn Cole
I work with applicants and members to support their understanding of our requirements and Codes of Good Practice, and how we work to ensure they are met. Previously, I have been a quality systems manager, factory manager, have worked in the organic food and farming sector as an auditor, and headed a certification team focusing on supply chain audits.

Contact me to understand our application and assurance processes and how we work with members to support and monitor their continual improvement.
Senior Manager, Credibility
Maira Devisscher
Contact me for information on the ISEAL Innovations Fund, ISEAL in Latin America, and our Value and Impact Analysis (VIA) Initiative.
Manager, Innovations
David D’Hollander
Contact me to find out more about sustainability standards and current policy developments.
Manager, Policy and Innovations
Frankie Hewitson
I joined ISEAL in July 2022 as Senior Coordinator for Innovation. I work on human rights, decent work and living wages. Before joining I worked in the apparel supply chains based in Beijing and Hong Kong with a focus on environmental and human impact.
Senior Coordinator, Innovations
Yasmin Humble
I joined ISEAL's Membership and Credibility Team in 2022. I support applicants and members meet their requirements, and maintain our online platform. I also support member learning and peer exchange through ISEAL's Communities of Practice.

Contact me about the compliance programme and for information about our Communities of Practice.
Assistant, Membership and Credibility
Emma Jacobs
I joined ISEAL in 2022 as a coordinator, with a focus on providing operational support to the ISEAL Innovations Fund.
I act as a key point of contact to grant recipients, assist with the review of project progress and learning, and support communications around Fund projects.

Contact me with any questions about the Fund.
Coordinator, Innovations
Kristin Komives
I’ve been with ISEAL since 2010, working on ISEAL’s programme strategy and as a technical expert on data, performance monitoring, research, and on topics such as living wage and living income. Before joining, I was a university lecturer, researcher and consultant in social development, environmental economics, and infrastructure policy.

Contact me to discuss new developments in ISEAL’s programmes or to explore ideas for collaboration.
Director, Programmes
Karin Kreider
I’ve been Executive Director at ISEAL since 2012. I was involved in the start-up of Rainforest Alliance, and worked there for more than 20 years, first as Associate Director of the organisation, and then as Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Programme.

Contact me to discuss business models, collaboration, engagement, smallholder access – and anything else related to the standards movement…
Executive Director
Kimberly Lowe
I joined ISEAL in 2019 supporting ISEAL's membership activities, resources and events, as well as our subscription offer ISEAL Insight.

Contact me about ISEAL's membership or for information about ISEAL Insight, training and services provision, or our online platform.
Coordinator, Membership and Services
Patrick Mallet
I’ve been with ISEAL since the beginning, and served as our first Executive Director until 2005. Today I lead our efforts to understand how sustainability standards need to evolve to meet changing stakeholder expectations about how best to achieve sustainability.

Contact me to discuss standards, assurance, new sustainability models – and dark secrets from ISEAL’s past!
Director, Innovations
Debbie McNicholas
I joined ISEAL in 2020 as a part-time member of the Finance team - working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have previously worked in finance within central government and the private sector.

Contact me about purchase ledger processes, expenses and other financial support issues.
Assistant, Finance
Rita Mendez
I’ve been working with the ISEAL Impacts team since 2017. Before joining ISEAL, I worked in the campaigns team at the Fairtrade Foundation, as well as a range of local London food charities.

Contact me to discuss the ISEAL research webinar series,, ISEAL research and evidence work and the Living Income Community of Practice.
Senior Coordinator, Impacts
Maeve Millwood
I support our communication activities to help build awareness of the critical role of credible and effective sustainability systems. I maintain and develop our corporate communication channels, including our website, social media and newsletters and work with colleagues to help them achieve their communication goals and ensure ISEAL's work is seen and heard.

Contact me to discuss work relating to the communications team.
Senior Coordinator, Communications
Vi Nguyen
I joined ISEAL in 2021 with a focus on capturing and communicating the learnings from ISEAL innovations programmes.
Senior Coordinator, Innovations
Anja Norwig
I joined ISEAL in 2020, and I am currently providing support to the compliance programme. I work with members and evaluators, coordinating independent evaluations against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. I also work with applicants, providing support during the application progress.

If you have any enquiries in these areas, please contact me.
Coordinator, Membership & Credibility
Caitlin Peeling
Contact me to find out more about the range of services we can provide as well as the benefits of ISEAL membership. If you work for an ISEAL member and are interested in learning more about what we offer your organisation, please get in touch.
Senior Manager, Membership and Services
Lily Petkova
I joined ISEAL in August 2021 and since then I have worked on a variety of projects in the Innovations and Impacts teams such as our landscapes work and the Living Income Community of Practice. I currently mostly work on Evidensia, our living wage project, and provide support to the GLWC.

Contact me about research, learning events and living wages.
Project Support, Impacts and Innovations
Eleanor Radford
I've worked with ISEAL since 2015 on events and projects with stakeholder engagement and consultation activities.

Contact me about engagement opportunities, ISEAL consultations, the Wage Measurement and Auditing Working Group, and anything event-related.
Associate Manager, Engagement and Events
Vidya Rangan
I’ve been with ISEAL since mid-2015, working mostly in our research and evidence programme to understand the impacts of sustainability systems. I also work on our human rights and decent work area including on living wages.

Contact me to know more about our work on human rights and Evidensia of if you have questions about monitoring, evaluation, and research.
Senior Manager, Impacts and Innovations
Carla Rodriguez
I joined ISEAL in 2022 as a coordinator for the Impacts and Innovations team. I have a background in eco-tourism, environmental education, and conservation. I currently provide project support for our work on Livelihoods and Resilience.
Coordinator, Impacts and Innovations
Sheila Senathirajah
I joined ISEAL in 2019 as a senior manager on the Innovations team.

Contact me to find out more about our work on improvement strategies and living income.
Senior Manager, Innovations
Alice Thompson
I joined ISEAL in 2022 supporting the innovations team. I provide support for a variety of projects covering data management, policy development and member services.
Project Support, Innovations
Joshua Wickerham
I connect sustainability practitioners with resources, support and expertise to help everyone thrive. I’ve worked with ISEAL since 2010 as Policy and Outreach Advisor and joined ISEAL full time in 2015. I love working for ISEAL because our community combines idealism and pragmatism.

Contact me about ISEAL training, customised support, or if you want to discuss how collaboration with ISEAL can support your strategic goals.
Manager, Membership and Engagement
Billie Wilcox Brooke
I joined ISEAL in 2021 with a focus on sustainability innovation.

Contact me to discuss landscape and jurisdictional approaches or the ISEAL Innovations Fund.
Senior Coordinator, Innovations
Philip Wilson
Since I joined in 2008 I’ve been responsible for overseeing our finance, HR, and systems and operations. My career has given me long experience in accountancy and commerce. I have strong ecological interests, and continue to undertake wetlands hydro-ecological research.

Contact me about financial and administrative issues.
Director, Finance and Operations