Meet the team

Naomi Alexander Naidoo
Contact me if you’re interested in joining ISEAL, if you’d like to attend a training workshop or event, or if you have any questions about accessing our services.
Coordinator, Membership & Services
Rachel Barlow
Contact me if you have any enquiries about invoices or expenses.
Assistant, Finance
Picture of Andrina Beaumond
Contact me if you want to know anything the Innovations team, particularly our Continual Improvement Task Force and the Communities of Practices.
Assistant, Innovations
Julia Birchall
Contact me about purchase invoices, donor reports, budgets and management accounts.
Senior Coordinator, Finance & Operations
Isobel Case-Punter
Contact me about systems, HR and anything that needs to be fixed to keep the wheels turning smoothly!
Associate Manager, Operations
Suzanne Clift
Contact me to discuss ISEAL communications – campaigns, content, strategy and everything else…
Senior Manager, Communications
Martyn Cole
Contact me to discuss compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, and how to engage with upcoming consultations.
Manager, Credibility
Maira Devisscher
Contact me for information on the ISEAL Innovations Fund, ISEAL in Latin America, and our Value and Impact Analysis (VIA) Initiative.
Senior Coordinator, Policy & Outreach
David D’Hollander
Contact me to find out more about sustainability standards and current policy developments.
Senior Coordinator, Policy & Outreach
Tiba Fazeli
Contact me if you need to discuss administrative matters related to ISEAL’s Executive Office and our Board, or our upcoming development projects.
Coordinator, Executive Office and Development
Rosie Forsyth
Contact me if you’d like to know about standard-setting topics, member learning or the work of our Innovations Team.
Associate Manager, Innovations
Ana Garzon
Contact me about implementing assurance systems and complying with the Assurance Code; or if you’d like to discuss anything related to data and information systems.
Manager, Innovations
Kristin Komives
I’ve been with ISEAL since 2010. Before joining, I worked for a number of international organisations as a lecturer, researcher and consultant in social development and environmental policy, specialising in monitoring and evaluation systems.

Contact me to discuss ISEAL’s Impacts Code, our research listserv, monitoring and evaluation, and research design.
Director, Impacts
Karin Kreider
I’ve been Executive Director at ISEAL since 2012. I spent more than 20 years founding and then running the Rainforest Alliance in New York, before moving to Costa Rica to lead the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

Contact me to discuss business models, collaboration, engagement, smallholder access – and anything else related to the standards movement…
Executive Director
Joanne Maimaris
Contact me to discuss any of our communications – articles, blogs, factsheets, annual reports, videos, the ISEAL website and more…
Assistant, Communications
Marta Maireles González
Contact me about the ISEAL Demonstrating Impacts project, the ISEAL Common Core Indicators, gender, and compliance with our Impacts Code.
Manager, Impacts
Patrick Mallet
I’ve been with ISEAL since the beginning, and served as our first Executive Director until 2005. Today I lead our efforts to support members in their transformation to full sustainability.

Contact me to discuss standards, assurance, the comparison tool, our Codes of Good Practice – and dark secrets from ISEAL’s past!
Director, Innovations
Rita Mendez
Contact me to discuss the Living Income Community of Practice, our research webinars and discussion lists, the Sustainability Impacts Learning Platform, and
Assistant, Impacts
Eleanor Radford
Contact me about anything event-related, from conferences and symposia to registration queries and speaker proposals.
Senior Coordinator, Events
Tamara Ramos
Contact me if you have any enquiries about ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice.
Coordinator, Credibility
Contact me to find out more about the impacts of standards, to discuss research methodologies, for evaluations of ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, or if you’d like to know more about engaging with ISEAL and its members.
Senior Manager, Impacts
Adam Romo
Contact me to discuss the activities of the Impacts team, or the living income and monitoring & evaluation communities of practice.
Coordinator, Impacts
Josh Taylor
Contact me to find out more about what sustainability standards have to offer.
Assistant, Policy & Outreach
Since joining ISEAL in 2010, my focus has been on interacting with key business groups, governments and NGOs in emerging markets.

Contact me to discuss emerging markets, the use of standards in government, public sector procurement and finance, the SDGs, and the links between standards and other sustainability tools.
Director, Policy & Outreach
Joshua Wickerham
Contact me to discuss ISEAL’s work in China, as well as international trade, emerging economies, supply chain management and current trends in sustainability.
Manager, Policy & Outreach
Philip Wilson
Since I joined in 2008 I’ve been responsible for overseeing our finance, HR, and systems and operations. My career has given me long experience in accountancy and commerce. I have strong ecological interests, and continue to undertake wetlands hydro-ecological research at Oxford University.

Contact me about financial and administrative issues.
Director, Finance & Operations