Who we are

ISEAL is the global membership association for credible sustainability standards.

Our members are sustainability standards that meet our Codes of Good Practice and promote measurable change through open, rigorous and accessible certification systems. They are supported by international accreditation bodies, which are required to meet accepted international best practice.

What we do

Through our work, we explore ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sustainability standards and identify opportunities for innovation that increases the uptake of credible standards in critical regions. We support our members to work towards collective  priorities that address the most pressing social and environmental issues we face in the world today. Specifically, we:

  • define credible practice for sustainability standards based on emerging global consensus
  • provide guidance and expertise on credible standard-setting, assurance and measuring impacts to sustainability standards and their partners
  • assess compliance with good practices to inspire commitment to credible approaches and support improvement and learning
  • provide guidance, facilitation and funding to our members through a vibrant community that stimulates peer learning, innovative thinking and collaboration
  • monitor trends and changes in the sustainability landscape, in sustainability standards and in business needs, to inform sustainability standards about how they need to evolve.

We also provide support to emerging standards systems to implement credible practices, and to businesses, governments and others to help them understand what credible practice looks like and how to use standards to achieve their sustainability objectives.