Progress on sustainability issues means balancing the interests of diverse actors, and NGOs have a critical role to play. ISEAL relies on their support to help steer the multi-stakeholder consultation processes behind our Codes of Good Practice and our Credibility Principles.

Social and environmental NGOs support sustainability systems in a number of ways, including:

  • Contributing specialist sector knowledge when sustainability systems are created and improved;
  • Focusing on themes such as the Sustainable Development Goals, living wage and regional sourcing;
  • Developing tools and campaigns to encourage businesses, governments and consumers to become more sustainable, including through the use of sustainability systems.

NGOs are essential in driving public policy, corporate action and public opinion on sustainability – they are critical partners for sustainability systems. Our resources on the use and development of sustainability systems can support NGOs in assessing what is effective and driving sector transformation.

Are you from an NGO looking to compare and benchmark sustainability systems? Read our Sustainability Benchmarking Good Practice Guide