Leveraging data and technology innovations

There is no lack of new, innovative technology tools that can help standards systems gather data. It's important that this increased availability of data creates real value for standard systems.

Big data, artificial intelligence and other technological innovations are rapidly changing many aspects of our lives. These same technologies are also transforming the business and operations of standards systems. The biggest challenge that standards systems face is to understand which of the innovations in technology are worth pursuing and how they can be leveraged to scale-up sustainability.

ISEAL’s work in this area has focused on understanding these new technologies and the innovation that is happening in the wider world, particularly around data management, and how it can be used to solve some of the most pressing sustainability challenges.

We support our members to become data-smart, which can allow organisations to:

  • Gather data from surveys, mobile apps, sensors and crowd-sourced input;
  • Integrate data using data standards, databases and exchange formats;
  • Analyse data with data science, visualisations and other reports; and
  • Share data via open data, citizen science and trust networks.