ISEAL Credibility Principles consultation

We have now published version 2 of the ISEAL Credibility Principles. We would like to thank all respondents who took time to share feedback in the consultations held in 2020. We believe that your input and suggestions made the principles clearer and stronger.

The newly revised Credibility Principles are available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Read the summary of changes made from version 1 to version 2 for more information on how the principles have been updated in EnglishChinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Consultation feedback

Find out how feedback received during the consultation has been addressed.

Version 1.2 feedback:

Version 1.1 feedback:

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In 2013, ISEAL launched the Credibility Principles, which provide an international reference for defining the foundations of credible practices for sustainability standards.

We developed the Credibility Principles through an extensive global consultation with the guidance of an international multi-stakeholder Steering Committee.

In 2019, we carried out a review of the Credibility Principles. The findings of the review informed the ISEAL Technical Committee’s decision to revise the Credibility Principles to ensure they remain relevant in our changing sustainability landscape.

Through the revision, we updated the principles to reflect current and future trends affecting standards and similar systems. We also expanded their scope beyond sustainability standards to include a wider range of systems, such as data-driven and landscape approaches.

The revision process involved two rounds of consultation on revised versions of the principles in 2020 before the final revised version was published in June 2021.

Credibility Principles Ambassadors

Credibility Principles Ambassadors are organisations invited to contribute to the success of the Credibility Principles revision by engaging their stakeholder networks and providing their expertise.