ISEAL Innovations Fund launches new round of funding to support landscape-level pilots

The ISEAL Innovations Fund empowers standards systems to practically test their innovations, and is pleased to announce a new round of funding focused on driving sustainability at a landscape or jurisdictional scale.

Through the support of our principal donor, the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, we will be awarding up to four grants to ISEAL members for two year projects. Each grant will be valued at up to CHF 250,000. The application deadline for this round of funding is 2 April, 2020.

Our focus on scalable approaches is in response to the growing interest in multi-stakeholder landscape and jurisdictional initiatives that can address sustainability issues at a larger scale. A number of promising initiatives have emerged that remain, as yet, unproven in their implementation. Against this backdrop, sustainability standards have an opportunity to explore how their systems can be applied at broader scales and whether they are well-placed to deliver improvement services or strategies that go beyond certification.

Through these grants, we will be support ISEAL members to experiment with strategies that achieve one of two things:

1. Create the enabling conditions for the uptake of more sustainable practices within a region or jurisdiction;

2. Explore how sustainability systems and tools can be scaled to verify good practice and improve the efficiency and value-add of performance measurement at a landscape level.


For more information on this round of funding, visit the ISEAL Innovations Fund webpage. 

Interested in applying for a grant? Contact the ISEAL Innovations Fund team at