ISEAL launches review of the Credibility Principles

In the six years since ISEAL first launched the Credibility Principles the sustainability landscape has continued to evolve, shaped in part by the learning and innovations of ISEAL members.

The principles were developed in 2013 to be a globally applicable set of core values that can underpin and shape effective and credible sustainability standards, supporting a common language in the marketplace and preventing greenwashing.

Do the developments in our landscape mean that the Credibility Principles need to be revised? Can a wider range of sustainability initiatives be built on the same foundations? Or, are there emerging values associated with these newer tools and approaches?

  • Our public survey was open until 11 October.
  • Learn more about the review process, objectives and timeline.

As part of this review we hope to:

  • Develop our understanding of how the principles have been used and adopted
  • Map out the ways in which stakeholder expectations have changed
  • Determine whether the principles apply to the broader range of sustainability tools we see today
  • Identify whether changes in the sector have created other important factors that determine credibility

The survey was available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. The survey has now closed.