ISEAL opens invitation to its expert-led online training courses

Building on last year’s successful suite of training courses, we have launched an updated series covering assurance, and monitoring and evaluation for sustainability systems. The programme runs throughout October and November and is suitable for anyone who works for or has an interest in sustainability standards or similar systems.

ISEAL is offering a new training series designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the fundamentals of credible sustainability systems, explore new assurance approaches, and learn how to develop the foundation of a monitoring and evaluation system. 

Through interactive workshops and presentations by ISEAL experts, participants will explore the current trends that impact the effectiveness of systems, and develop a toolkit to drive system improvement. 

This year’s courses are: 

  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning essentials for sustainability systems (starting 10 October)
  • The future of assurance for sustainability systems (starting 15 November)

Why these topics? 

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is important for any organisation that wants to understand if it is achieving its goals and creating the change it claims to have. It also brings transparency and credibility to the organisation. But M&E is complex and evolving. Ensuring the robustness of an M&E system requires a solid foundation with key concepts integrated into the organisation. This includes an increasing number of tools to capture data and a range of strategies to explore how to build a learning organisation. Over three sessions we will explore the fundamentals of a credible and robust M&E system, and present the steps an organisation can take to start building one.

The assurance of sustainability practices and performance is critical in establishing trust. But assurance is evolving from traditional certification, verification and auditing approaches. Now, data management, new technologies and developments in the legislative landscape are influencing how sustainability systems deliver assurance and create value for enterprises and markets. Over three sessions the future of assurance training course will explore new approaches and provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of what constitutes credible, effective, value-adding assurance. 

The importance of learning and collaboration 

At ISEAL, our greatest strength is facilitating collaboration and learning as a community. As part of our 2021 – 2024 strategy, we are committed to sharing our wealth of knowledge, experience and tools to enable sustainability systems to make a real difference. 

Learning is critical to ensuring that sustainability systems remain effective and fit for purpose in a fast-changing world. Our training courses are an opportunity share ISEAL’s knowledge and inspire those working with sustainability systems to deepen their impact. 

Visit our training workshops page.