Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program joins as an ISEAL Community Member

ISEAL is pleased to announce that Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program has been approved as an ISEAL Community Member. We look forward to them sharing their unique insights and knowledge, which will be a valuable addition to the seafood initiatives within the ISEAL community. 

To protect ocean health while meeting the growing demand for seafood, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is working to improve the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture around the world. The Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for a healthy ocean by assessing the environmental impact of aquaculture and fisheries species that are important to the US market. The program assigns green, yellow, and red ratings to highlight areas of environmental risk.

Further to approval from the ISEAL Board on 30 November 2023, ISEAL’s Executive Director, Karin Kreider, commented: “Congratulations to Monterey Bay Aquarium on becoming an ISEAL Community Member. Their ratings program helps inform governments, businesses and producers on how to drive change to protect our oceans from unsustainable practices. Their contributions will be a welcome addition to the ISEAL learning community.”

Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, Vice President of Global Ocean Conservation commented: “The ISEAL community reflects the integrity that we deeply value as an organisation. We are honoured to share this commitment to sustainability by learning from, and contributing to, our new community of peers.”   

Our membership

ISEAL Community Members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and planet. They are committed to continually improving their systems and impacts through learning and innovation; collaborating with stakeholders and peers; and are transparent and truthful about how their systems work and how they measure their impacts.
In becoming an ISEAL Community Member, Monterey Bay Aquarium joins a growing number of well-respected sustainability systems that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors. Monterey Bay Aquarium will be working alongside these mission-driven sustainability organisations to continuously improve the effectiveness of their systems and demonstrate impact.

We encourage any organisation developing or operating a sustainability system with a multi-stakeholder approach and a commitment to credible practices to consider becoming an ISEAL Community Member.