Innovations Fund

The Innovations Fund is at the heart of the ISEAL Innovations Programme and is one of the primary vehicles through which standards systems are able to practically test their innovations.


The Fund seeks to support the best innovations that can help sustainability standards to deliver more value to different stakeholders and to be more effective at driving improvement over time and at scale. Over the course of the four years of the Fund, we aim to support a cohesive suite of projects that collectively address the key challenges to the future effectiveness of the sustainability standards movement.

ISEAL members have prioritised a number of areas of innovation which broadly fall under the categories of: data capture and management; assurance innovations such as risk-based approaches; outcome-based standards and M&E; traceability models; and scalable solutions like stepwise models, learning platforms and landscape approaches.

What difference will this make to address the issue?

The ISEAL Alliance collectively recognises that the sustainability landscape is changing and that significant innovation and adaptation of the traditional standards and certification model is needed so that standards systems can continue to play a leadership role in transforming sectors toward sustainability. Through the innovations programme, ISEAL brings together the collective efforts of the sustainability standards movement.

Who's involved?

The ISEAL Innovations Fund is open to all ISEAL members as well as prospective members that are making progress along a clearly defined roadmap to membership. Grants can be made to individual standards systems or to collaborations that include both standards systems and other organisations. In all cases, an ISEAL member needs to be the project lead and grant recipient responsible for the project results. Non-standards organisations may approach the ISEAL Secretariat directly with a concept, and will be directed to standard systems with aligned interests with whom they might collaborate or to an innovation working group where potential partners can be identified.

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