Living Income Community of Practice

An alliance for improving smallholder incomes

Founded by GIZ, Sustainable Food Lab and ISEAL, the Living Income Community of Practice is an alliance of partners dedicated to the vision of thriving, economically stable, rural communities linked to global food and agricultural supply chains. The goal of the Living Income Community of Practice is to support activities focused on improving smallholder incomes towards living income benchmarks, aiming to enable smallholder farmers to achieve a decent standard of living. This goes beyond mere poverty alleviation, with the intention for smallholders to be able to live relatively comfortable lives.

The community of practice aims to achieve this by fostering learning and collaboration between stakeholders through hosting webinars, running activities and producing resources which:

  • Provide methods and guidance on measuring and reporting information on current and living incomes.
  • Understand the gap between actual and living incomes.
  • Identify and discuss strategies to help actors take actions that can contribute to closing income gaps.

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