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GoodWeave is a non-profit organisation that seeks to end exploitative child labour in the carpet industry and offer educational opportunities to children and support to communities affected by exploitative practices by certifying carpets and rugs free from exploitive production. To earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters and importers must be licensed under the GoodWeave certification programme.

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ISEAL Code Compliant designates members who have successfully undergone independent evaluations against the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice in Standards-Setting, Assurance and Impacts.

The ISEAL Code

The ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Sustainability Systems (‘the ISEAL Code’) v1.0 became effective as of 1 March 2024. There is an 18-month transition period of ISEAL Code Compliant organisations to align their systems to the ISEAL Code.

During the transition period, no independent evaluations against the Standard-Setting, Impacts, or Assurance Codes are conducted, but Code Compliant organisations will engage in compliance activities and are expected to align their systems with the ISEAL Code. Independent evaluations against the scope of the ISEAL Code are anticipated from Q4 2025. Information on the transition period is publicly available on the ISEAL Code of Good Practice revision and integration page.

Independent Evaluation to the ISEAL Standards-Setting Code
Previous assessment

Independent Evaluation in progress.

Independent Evaluation to the ISEAL Assurance Code
Previous assessment
Next assessment

As a result of this independent evaluation, GoodWeave have made the following improvements to their assurance system:

  • Improved the effectiveness of their oversight mechanism in addressing non-compliances identified in external assessments of assurance provider compliance with ISO17065

  • Published clarification on sanctions resulting from non-conformities

Independent Evaluation to the ISEAL Impacts Code
Previous assessment

Independent Evaluation in progress.

System Overview

ISEAL Code Compliant members provide publicly available reports that give a comprehensive and accessible overview of a member's system.

ISEAL System Overview GoodWeave 2022