Advancing gender equality in supply chains

Women are major producers and consumers of global commodities, yet they face persistent inequalities in global supply chains and bear a disproportionate burden of the adverse impacts of climate change.

Studies have shown that there are huge economic benefits linked with increasing gender equality and women's economic empowerment, including improved health and safety, ethical and legal compliance, strengthened staff motivation and improved productivity.

ISEAL has partnered with the CGIAR Initiative on Gender Equality to advance gender equality in supply chains through sustainability systems. Sustainability systems can play an important role in reducing inequalities and improving women's empowerment, including working to ensure women have access to decent work and beneficial livelihood opportunities.

ISEAL and CGIAR have conducted research to understand the current state of gender integration among ISEAL Community Members and the contribution of sustainability systems to gender equality and women's empowerment. We have convened webinars and events to promote learning and exchange, and are developing resources to support sustainability systems in their efforts in this space.

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