This webinar shows how a focus on data and information management in assurance can improve both the effectiveness of the assurance process and the value of that process for certifying enterprise, supply chain actors and the scheme owners themselves.
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An introduction to the new GIS self-starter kit, which gives a glimpse of the possibilities of GIS and how the tools can be integrated into audit routines. The self-starter kit explains what GIS is, introduces some commonly used GIS software and applications and describes how to use them.
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A webinar on ASI’s project on how to strengthen audits through the usage of GIS.
This report documents ideas for how certifiers can leverage blockchain technology to reduce audit inefficiency, create a single source of truth for chain of custody (CoC) tracking and support sustainability data reporting. 
A collection of background materials explaining the basics about blockchain technology.
This ASI research report identified possible approaches, good auditing practices, and potential areas for alignment between sustainability standards and has been presented in a webinar.
This resource includes the recording, slides and agenda of the first learning workshop of the remote auditing project.
This resource presents a summary of the one-on-one interviews with ISEAL members and select other sustainability initiatives as part of the project on remote auditing practices and assurance responses to COVID-19.
This resource includes the recording and slides of the second learning workshop of the remote auditing project.
Information about grants to conduct remote auditing pilots
This guide supports sustainability systems and their assurance partners make decisions about when remote auditing practices are appropriate and desirable, and how to use new technology and data to both inform and then operationalize that choice. It aims to give practical advice based on experiences to date, both on the types of tools and data sources available, as well as some key considerations for successful integration of remote audit technology into assurance processes.
This resource includes the recording of the Webinar: ISEAL guidance to support remote auditing practices; Overview, Discussion and Next steps
This resource includes the recording of the remote auditing pilots webinar.
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This ISEAL Guidance seeks to capture some of the core elements and good practices that are emerging as a result of this innovation.
This is the 3rd workshop in our series of Workshops dedicated to increasing our collective understanding of how remote auditing practices are evolving.
This webinar looks at the critical factors that help independent assurance programmes be credible and effective. Member examples, including RSPO, are used.
Polygon data can provide huge benefits to sustainability systems if collected and used effectively. Recognising this, we have produced a package of tools and guidance on the benefits of polygon data and how to collect it.