Strengthening Systems to Advance Action on Living Wages

Until recently only a few leading standards systems were pioneering action on living wages. However, this situation is rapidly changing, with a growing number of schemes with global reach, in key sectors, now integrating living wage goals in their strategies.

Since January 2021, ISEAL has been working with sustainability standards and schemes to strengthen their systems and processes to support credible supply chain action on living wages. A key part of this project was the establishment of a peer-learning Working Group to help schemes advance thinking and action collectively. 

Building on this work, ISEAL is now commencing a second phase to this project, with support from IDH. The project will be developed in consultation with organisations involved in the IDH Roadmap on Living Wages’ advisory committees. Our overarching project goal is to strengthen credible voluntary sustainability systems as agents of change to support business and producer action on living wage improvements.

This project will be made up of three key activities: 

  • Research with companies implementing living wage strategies on their expectations for sustainability standards support
  • Developing a framework for credible living wage claims
  • Facilitating peer learning and developing guidance through the convening of the System Strengthening for Living Wages (SSLW) Working Group 

For more information, or to express interest in joining the SSLW Working Group or the credible claims task force, contact: