New brand reflects new membership structure

ISEAL has rebranded to recognise the broadening of its membership. The refreshed brand reflects the evolution of ISEAL and marks a renewed focus on a wider range of sustainability systems, as well as the introduction of new and enhanced products.

In 2020, we launched our new membership structure. The new structure reflects the diversification of sustainability approaches, with a broader scope of systems eligible to apply for ISEAL membership. 

Equipping sustainability systems to innovate, scale and demonstrate impact

This new structure allows us to better support continued improvement, learning and collaboration among a wider range of sustainability systems. Our members will be better equipped to innovate, scale and demonstrate impact, and more sustainability systems will have access to expertise and networks to improve their practices.

ISEAL Insight, providing access to strategic intelligence

With the introduction of ISEAL Insight anyone working on sustainability issues or using sustainability systems can now sign up to access news, analysis and a user-friendly library of resources, technical documents and guidance notes. 

Updating the ISEAL Credibility Principles

Alongside the new structure, ISEAL is reviewing its Credibility Principles: the core values on which effective sustainability systems are built. This review aims to update the principles, ensuring they remain relevant for a more diverse range of sustainability approaches in a changing sustainability landscape.  

Read about the revision process and consultations

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