Joining ISEAL’s learning community helps sustainability systems become more effective at achieving positive impacts.
How to become an ISEAL member - the pathway in practice
This document describes the requirements Accreditation Organisations need to meet to be ISEAL Accreditation Members.
Applicants to ISEAL Community Membership agree to abide by the Community Code of Conduct.
This form should be completed by sustainability standards and similar systems to apply for ISEAL Community membership.
This procedure outlines the process for submitting an application for ISEAL Community Member status. It details how the application and will be evaluated and the subsequent steps required to make a final decision on the outcome of the application.
This guide outlines how ISEAL members can make claims about ISEAL Community Member or Code Compliant status.
This document sets out how ISEAL works with its Community Members to support them to identify, plan and implement improvements to their system that are feasible and strategically relevant.
The ISEAL Credibility Principles represent the core values on which effective sustainability systems are built.
This document outlines one-off and annual fees for ISEAL membership and application and the three membership application deadlines for the 2021 calendar year. This includes fees for optional peer review and independent evaluations.
ISEAL Community Members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and planet.
ISEAL可信度原则2版 2021 ISEAL Credibility Principles V2 2021 - Chinese 
An introduction to the Membership Committee, a permanent committee of the ISEAL Board of Directors that is responsible primarily for forming recommendations on new membership applications, deciding on member disputes that may arise as a result of an independent evaluation of Code Compliance, and deciding on appeals decisions of the Secretariat not to recommend ISEAL Community Member status or to suspend or withdraw Code Compliant status.
After more than two years of consultation we have a new membership structure in effect since November 2020. This allows us to better achieve our mission and bring more value to our members and stakeholders.
In 2019, we launched a review of the principles to find out how they have been used and adopted. The outcome of the review will decide whether the principles need to be revised to adapt to new international frameworks and norms, changing stakeholder expectations or innovations in sustainability tools, and, if so, the scope of the revision. This document contains information about the review objectives, process and opportunities for involvement.
This document sets out what our Code Compliant status recognises for our Community Members and outlines the structure of the ISEAL membership.